Minimally Invasive Root Coverage Procedure Without Palatal Harvest

2 Day Hands-on Clinical Workshop

MARCH 1-2, 2024

Biomaterials have progressively gained popularity in periodontics due to their advantages compared with autogenous grafts, such as unrestricted availability, avoidance of a secondary surgical site, reduction of the surgical time, and patient’s preference.

Acellular dermal matrix (ADM) is a soft tissue graft obtained from human skin that has undergone a decellularization process. Currently, it is routinely used for root coverage procedures and soft tissue augmentation at tooth or implant sites, particularly when avoiding a second surgical site and minimizing patient morbidity is the primary concern.

According to recent systematic reviews and metanalysis, ADM is considered to be the graft substitute with the most similar outcomes to the connective tissue graft.

Minimally Invasive Root Coverage Procedure with Acellular Dermal Matrix
2 Day Hands-on Clinical Workshop

Why choose this course ?

Dr. Boeriu brings over 13 years of experience to guide you through the best soft tissue grafting techniques using acellular dermal matrix. He has published extensively on the treatment of gingival recession defects using soft tissue substitutes. This hands-on surgical program will significantly expand your expertise, and confidence in preforming soft tissue grafting procedures, allowing you to increase the breadth and the quality of the services you offer to your patients.

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This is a limited attendance course intended for the general dentists (without any prior surgical experience) as well as periodontists who wish to learn more about the use of soft tissue substitutes in the treatment of gingival recession. It is a practical theoretical course distributed among diagnostic theory, etiology and description of different surgical techniques with clinical videos plus a practical section with videos and hands-on practice using real soft tissue models under the direct supervision of the speaker. The limited attendance allows for a very low instructor-to attendee ratio to ensure and optimal learning experience.

Course Overview

16 Credit Hours
Learn Proven Techniques and the Latest Innovations for Successful Soft Tissue Grafting using soft tissue grafting substitutes.

  • Classification of recession defects
  • Anatomical factors affecting grafting outcome
  • Flap approaches in periodontal plastic surgery; critical elements in design and execution
  • Root coverage procedures (step by step surgical protocol)
    • Coronally Advanced Flap/Envelope Hands-on
    • Modified Coronally Advance Tunnel + Acellular Dermal Matrix Hands-on
    • VISTA (AKA 3-4 mm pinhole technique) Hands-on
    • Tunneled Coronally Advanced Flap ( TRCAF ) Hands-on
  1. Evidence-based selection of the optimal grafting method
  2. Interdisciplinary management of cervical lesion
  3. Treatment of mandibular anterior gingival recession
  4. Suturing exercises
  5. Detailed pre-op and post-op instructions
  6. Management of complications following soft tissue grafting surgery
  7. Treatment planning and case presentation

About the speaker

Dr. Boeriu completed the Periodontal Graduate Program at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) School of Dental Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio. Besides lecturing at the Graduate Periodontal Program at CWRU on periodontal plastic surgery, Dr. Boeriu maintains a private practice limited to implant and periodontal surgery. He has published articles with emphasise on implant dentistry, soft tissue grafting and periodontal /restorative treatment of carious and non-carious cervical lesion and presented numerous lectures. Furthermore, Dr. Boeriu is the author of a two textbooks: 1) Periodontics in the Tradition of Bissada. 60 Years of clinical research in periodontics and implant surgery (book in print) and 2) Clinical Periodontology and Implant Surgery: Translating fundamental questions into clinical practice (published in 2020, Volume Printing, Ontario, Canada.

Publications on root coverage procedure Acellular Dermal matrix

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